15 Best Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google

15 Best Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google

Are you trying to improve Google Ranking of your Website or blog. If you are frustrated with the problem of Indexing, then today’s post can be useful for you. Today we are going to talk about those 15 things which you can do get your website ranked in Google. There can be various reasons for not ranking or indexing of a website or blog article in Google Search. If you have created a new website, then it is possible that you need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to rank your website as soon as possible on Google. Today in this article I will tell you 15 tips which you can use to easily rank your website in Google.

How to Rank New Website in Google

In present times, blogging has become a business. And, the reason for this interest in blogging is, “How to make money from blog opportunity”. People are now taking blogging as a procedural business or career as result there is lot of competition. We all know that in order to earn money from a blog, thousands of unique visitors are required”. Google Search can bring lots of organic traffic on our website so in todays article I’m going to share 15 best tips that you can use to effectively increase your website’s ranking in Google Search.

1. Select the Right Domain Name

Before creating a new website, it is very important to choose the right domain name for it. Many new bloggers make blogs on subdomains like myblog.blogsot.com, they do not buy top level domain names. Today there is so much competition that a top level domain has become necessary to get any website ranked and to make fair amount of money from that website. You can choose any top level domain names from .com, .in, .net, .org etc.


Also keep in mind that to target a specific niche, Domain Name should be selected on the basis of niche. This will allow your website to appear in Google on a search of that keyword.

2. Submit the website to Google Search Console

The first thing to do after creating any website is to submit it to Google Search Console. Because traffic will come to that website when its blog posts are indexed. It is necessary to submit the website in Google Search Console. If your website or blog is new, Google bots will take time to crawl that new website. It may take about one month to index the new website in Google Search. To see all the indexed pages of your blog on Google, you can you can search site:yoursiteurl.com. Here instead of yoursiteurl.com, use your website’s URL. After this, all the indexed pages of your website will appear. However, in the case of new websites, getting Google ranking on the first page is not easy. Because, when your website or blog is new, the Domain Authority (DA) of the website is very less and Google does not trust websites with low Domain Authority (DA). When you regularly publish posts on your blog, the DA (Domain Authority) of your blog site slowly increases. If you are writing good, high quality and SEO optimized articles, then nothing can stop them from ranking in Google Search.

3. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

Sitemap is the list of all the webpages of the website existing in that domain. Sitemap makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand the structure of website. That’s why the sitemap must be submitted in Google Search Console.

Sitemap is an index file, it contains the URLs that Google has to index. Submitting sitemap in addition to Google on other webmaster tools like Bing, Yandex etc. is important as, web pages of your website will be indexed in other search engines as well and your website will get more traffic.

4. Select Low Competition Keywords

As I said earlier, there is a lot of competition in blogging. Thousands of blog posts are published on the same topic every day and they are being indexed by Google. Now, if you are making a blog on any topic or writing any post, which is targeting keywords, about which Google has already thousands of website items then it will be very difficult for you to rank on first page of Google Search.

For this before you write a post, you have to do “Keyword Research”. Through Keyword research, you can collect information about any keyword searched on Google. What number of times the keyword is being searched on Google and what is the difficulty of that keyword to rank among top 10 results on Google Search. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword research for free.

5. Write Quality Content

Problem in not getting ranking on first page of Google Search is that the quality of your content is not good enough. Now the question is what does this “Quality Content” mean?

Quality content means writing articles in such a way that your visitor gets the most accurate information and also value for the time he spent reading your article. I have seen many bloggers all over the world who do not write their posts clearly. Visitors do not like to read their posts as result the bounce rate of the website increases. So always try to write detailed and organized article on any topic. Try to write article in paragraph and publish informative article between 1500 and 2000 words.

6. Share the article on Social Media

Social Media is the best way to get traffic to new websites. In addition, if your website is shared more and more on social media then Google gets to know about this reaction and it starts ranking your website. While sharing the article, you should keep one thing in mind that share the article only at those places where after clicking, users are reading the content of your website. If any link was shared by you on which after clicking users immediately leave your website then it increases the bounce rate of your website.

7. Create a mobile friendly website

Currently around 80% of web searches are done through smartphones. And so, Google has started to take mobile usability of a website as a ranking factor to improve favorable search results. If your website is well optimized with proper SEO but its mobile usability is bad then the ranking of your website may be down. So, for any website before selecting any theme or template, check whether it is mobile friendly or not. To see whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly testing tool.

8. Try to decrease Website Loading speed

Users usually wait for 1 to 2 seconds for a website to load properly. If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load then users may leave your website no matter how well organized SEO friendly and high quality content you have written, ultimately this increase the bounce rate of your website and negatively affects the ranking of your website.

9. Use Catchy words in Title and Description

While writing any post, choose an attractive Title and Description, because in Google Search only and only your The title and description of the website are displayed. If you choose an attractive title and description, then on maximum number of users will click on your website’s link. This increases the CTR (Click through rate) of your website and this will also improve the ranking of your website.

10. Write Quality Content Quality

Content means write such a content that people read for more time. besides or always Write the article yourself, do not copy it from anywhere, as well as add links to other posts between the articles. Make the post easy to read. Use of bullets, numbering etc. to format the post properly. If you write well, then it is possible that users click on other links and read other posts as well. The more the user’s engagement on the website, the more money you are going to make. If you are stealing or copying content from other people’s blog or website and publishing it on your own blog or website, then in this case also the content of your website will not be ranked or indexed in any way in Google Search. Remember, Google can easily understand whether you have created the content yourself or have taken it from other websites. In addition, Google knows which articles have already been published on other websites and blogs. So, if your website or blog is copied or stolen from other websites or blogs, then your dream of getting ranking in Google Search will remain just a dream.

11. Create High Quality Backlink

Whenever Google crawls, indexes and ranks any page of any website, it calculates the ranking factors of that page and backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors. So, you must always try to create high quality backlinks of your content. To create high quality backlinks you can use do-follow links to your websites contents, you can also do Guest posting on other websites which have high DA and PA to create high quality backlinks.

12. Reduce Bounce Rate of Blog

Bounce Rate is a very important factor in the ranking of the blog. You can see the details of bounce rate of your website in Google Analytics. Bounce Rate below 30 is very good, it simply implies that out of 100 users that come to your website 70 users stay on website reads the other contents of your website, only 30 users leave your website without exploring any further.

13. Use Some Important SEO Techniques

You must already know what SEO is and why it is important for a website. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization according to which you optimize your website for search engines. I have explained in detail in my last post what is SEO and importance of SEO for a website. Here I will tell you about some of the important aspects of SEO. If you are a WordPress user, then you can easily implement the things given below in your website.

  • Focus in Title, Hyperlink, Description, Heading and Paragraphs of Content.
  • Use Keywords.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline the important words.
  • Add links to other posts in the content and Nofollow other unnecessary links.
  • Use Alt Tag in the Image to be used in the post.
  • Remove Broken Link from your website. Or redirect them to the URL of some other post.
  • Use Txt and Sitemap files.
  • Use Meta Tags.
  • Create 404 Error Page.
  • Use the Table of Contents.

14. Prepare Blog Post for Rich Results

If you are new in the field of Blogging, then you may not know much about Rich Results. This is the hidden technique of SEO. According to this your blog post should basically be on the first page. Ready to show what goes. Rich Result means that the link of your website is unique in Google. You are visible in this form, are you not? If you write easy to understand and question answer based posts, then it will be easier to appear on the first page. If you do want your website to be different from other websites in Google, then you can use Schema Markup. Using Schema Markup in Google’s result page only linked links to the website start appearing and the probability of clicking on it increases. Schema Markup can be used in the post through WordPress Plugin.

15. Write posts regularly

You must have seen news website are ranked at the top on Google. Do you know the reason behind this? About 50 posts are published on the news website in a day. Let’s go If you also publish posts regularly on your website, then your posts will definitely rank. Yes the more posts you write, the more trust you get in the eyes of Google. Ultimately it increases the ranking of your website.


Today in this post I told you how to get a new website ranked quickly in Google. In this article I have written almost all the tips that I’m aware of. If you use all these tips then definitely the ranking of your website is going to improve. If you have questions or queries that you want to ask me, feel free to drop them in the comments below.