[Solution] Blur Images Issue in Blogger

[Solution] Blur Images Issue in Blogger

Blur images issue in blogger is very common and irritating among older templates. The blur images issue often creates a bad and unprofessional look on your blog. Therefore it is must to counter this issue as soon as possible. Today in this article I am going to help you solve the blur images problem in blogger.

What is meant by blur images?

Blur images refer to digital images or photographs that appear pixelated out of focus lacking in sharpness. Blur images are caused by a number of factors some of them are camera shake, poor-quality lens, inadequate lighting, user error when taking the photo, using a low-resolution image, using a low shutter speed, or not having the lens set to the correct focus point. Blur images can also happen due to resizing or cropping of an image resulting in loss of quality.

Blurry images are unappealing, faded and distorted. If the image contains text then it can make text hard to read, blurry images are also the sign of unprofessionalism.

If you have ever encountered the problem of blurry thumbnails in blogger then this article is must read for you. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can resolve the problem of blurry images in blogger just by modifying a single line of code.

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Steps to solve blur images issue in Blogger:

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard
  • Then Go to Theme / Template
  • Click on the down arrow
  • Click Edit HTML Button
  • Now search for <data:post.thumbnailUrl/>

To Search anything in blogger Press Ctrl + F and type or paste the term to search in the search bar.

  • Now replace the code which we have found in step 4 with this code <data:post.featuredImage/>
  • Now save the Theme / Template by clicking on floppy icon.


Blurry images are a sign of unprofessionalism, if you want to make your blog look professional you must counter this issue in blogger. If you have followed all the steps the same way written in this article then the issue of blur images in blogger must have been solved. If you are still facing difficulties please ping me in the comments below.