Blogger vs WordPress – Honest Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress - Honest Comparison

If you are a New Blogger, then this question must have come in your mind that which platform is better for Blogging between WordPress vs Blogger so that you can choose the right Blogging platform for yourself, so today we will give you WordPress vs Blogger which platform It is right for blogging, it is going to give information about it usually we use for blogging in the beginning and it is also right because it is absolutely free and we do not know much about blogging in the beginning days and from here we do blogging. Let’s learn about it.

Many bloggers started their blogging with Blogger platform but after that they shifted their blog to WordPress because you get a lot of facilities on wordpress. Here, let us tell you that WordPress provides two types of services, one of which is free which is and the other is Paid which is and it is known as WordPress.

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Which is Better

The easier it is to create a blog on Blogger, the easier it is to maintain a blog, since it is a product of Google and is absolutely free.

Let us tell you that many successful bloggers started their first blog on this, you can easily create and run a blog using your Gmail account without any technical knowledge. Because for this neither you need to buy any domain name nor do you need to take hosting, in this you get both for free, since it is from Google, it is completely safe.

WordPress is a great platform for those bloggers who want to do professional blogging and want to make a career in blogging because in this you get thousands of Free WordPress Plugin and Theme, using which you can change the design of your blog with one click. And can create Professional Blog.

Therefore, first of all, it is important for you to know what WordPress is so that you can understand it easily because many of the people who use Blogger are scared to hear the name of WordPress. Because for this you need Domain Name and Hosting, using which you have to create WordPress Blog, which is a completely different experience for Blogger users and on top of that you have to spend money for it.

By the way, using WordPress is as easy as Blogger because once you have setup a blog on WordPress, there is not much difference left in it and you get more convenience than blogger, which you can boost your blogging.

Comparison Chart of Blogger and

Difference between Blogger and WordPress

  • Blogger is free while money has to be spent to make a blog on WordPress.
  • It is very easy to do SEO optimization for WordPress as compared to Blogger.
  • In Blogger you get By Default HTTPS Security while on WordPress you have to setup HTTPS.
  • You can change Blog Theme in one click on WordPress but you cannot do this on Blogger.
  • You get thousands of free themes on WordPress but not on Blogger.
  • To bring a feature in WordPress, you just have to install a Plugin while you have to do coding on Blogger.
  • By using WordPress, you can get ahead of your competitor while you cannot do it with Blogger.
  • WordPress is very fast as compared to blogger.
  • WordPress is updated from time to time and adds new features whereas there is nothing like this on Blogger.
  • You are completely the owner of the blog on WordPress, but Blogger is free, so its owner is Google, it can stop Blogger anytime if it wants.
  • WordPress is completely under your control, you can customize it according to your own while you can make limited changes on Blogger.
  • There is a free Theme and Plugin store for WordPress while it is not available for Blogger.
  • Transferring WordPress is much easier than Blogger.
  • WordPress is much more SEO and Mobile friendly than Blogger

I hope you liked the way I have compared blogger and wordpress by listing all there pros and cons one by one. If have some queries or questions feel free to ask me in the comments.